Saturday, May 24, 2008

Plant or Save a Tree

Off to work at 9PM, I look like so haggard. I sweat inside a building that is supposed to be with a working air conditioning system, I don't know If it's busted or something but definitely it's not working as it supposed to be. I go out from work at around 7AM and it's freakin' hot! I know it's summer but this year is sizzlin', the sun is not even directly hittin' me since there are tall buildings all around Eastwood City. The air is humid, I'm perspiring like a leaf with droplets of dew. When I'm back home, I try to sleep in this kind of weather, our fans blow warm air. How am I goin' to be cooled and doze off? Imagine, this summer, all of our electric fans broke down. Could be because of overuse but possibly the engine can't stand the heat as well.

Judging from these facts that I do observe everyday plus the world facts about massive ice melts, forest fires, heat wave, tornadoes, violent storms, etc., well I firmly believe that Global Warming is dead serious.

Basically this is thethe Green-house Effect that our teachers have been telling us when we were in elementary about CO2 being trapped inside the Earth's atmosphere.

Immediately I thought of a tree.

Doesn't trees consume CO2 to snythesize their food? They could be our bestfriend, or inevetibly our saviour. I myself have experience a help from these sturdy, living, but non-ambulatory trees (compared to Elks... toinks!) once in a while. It gives us shade from the dreary sun, shelter from the gloomy rain, food for hunger and a carving canvass for emo-lovers.

I've been dreaming of planting a Sequoia or a Sycamore.

Imagine the big help these trees can offer us with this 'Earth Problem'. But we have to help ourselves as well since trees, especially the trunks, are major raw material for production and construction. It should be mandated that for every tree cut is equivalent to five trees planted, not relocated.

Plea: Plant or save a tree. Moreover, if you are unable to do so please at least do something else that could count as a help to alleviate the problem.

Post Script: By the way, is smoking a contributory factor to Global Warming? How about being just plain HOT?


  1. " .. and a carving canvass for emo-lovers."
    my,my,my, what a romance freak. i think i would really need to react on that, as your sole critic, (haha) for now.
    for crying out loud, if your just carving your (expletive deleted) names on those trees, please just carve them somewhere else.
    i read somewhere in pasig that a tree costs $186,000
    so, i suggest we can impose that as a penalty for every tree that will be uprooted/cut.
    by the way, ANYTHING that emits heat (and sometimes light as well) contributes to global warming.
    i suggest you do you part, stop smoking

  2. don't worry it'll come... as a part of my advocacy I'll post something about smoking. i won't promise stopping today but i promise it'll come. drastic changes may not occur 'coz we are talking about an almost 5 year old lifestyle here, but again, i know it'll come... like right now.... i'm smoke free for almost two days already!

  3. Global Warming is a dramatically urgent and serious problem. We don't need to wait for governments to find a solution for this problem: each individual can bring an important help adopting a more responsible lifestyle: starting from little, everyday things. It's the only reasonable way to save our planet, before it is too late.

    kudos to you...keep it up.