Saturday, July 7, 2007

We're Through 2

Thanks for putting up with me
I know that you know that I don't feel the same intense anymore
Sorry, I’m so sorry
I am very unfair to you

I tried, I made an effort
I've loved you but it's no working
Hope is impossible
We're through.

But then I regret what we can be
A perfect couple, everybody envies
We could have planned to settle
Have my whole life spent with you

Until the end of time
Or yet another lifetime

But we're through.

I don't want to let you hang
So I left the thought just hover my mind
I won't let it go, not out
I won't tell you what I am not sure

I know not now, I don't know when
Until that day i won't say
When that moment comes reality will strike
We'll be together or you're through waiting.

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