Sunday, November 18, 2007


I never gave you the kind of freedom you want, you asked me thrice, i refused. But you still got what you wanted. You did what you needed to do. Leave me. Was it mine or your fault? It wasn't clear, but what's clear is that's what you want. I should have given you what you want from the start. When you asked for it for the first time i was so afraid that you'll ask it again so I did all I could do to prevent it, but I guess my all wasn't enough, love was not enough, my best wasn't enough, I am not enough. Then my being not enough is as well not enough, I must go cause there's someone new. My world shattered. I was willing to share just to get a little love, so I could live, but 'no' it can't be done. I was released but I did not let go, I stayed, until now. Why? Because I'm crazy. Until when? I have no idea. Stupid? Yes. Right? No. Wrong? No... right?

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