Sunday, November 18, 2007


Why can't I make you love me again? Is my all not enough? I tried to give you all of me. I never left anything for myself, my heart is with you already, you can't just give it back. Might as well throw it away so it dies with this feeling that just won't end. This feeling right now is consuming. What's funny is I'm still here, taking all the stabs, upfront, in my face, through my heart, past my pride. I'm down. I can smell the earth welcoming me, the defeated. The soil is pressing against my lips as if saying 'this is the closest you can get with me.' I'm dragging myself, wounded in my very first battle for love and sanity. Can I stand up and try it again? I would if it's needed. I need you so I must. Now I'm up again, asking you to love me again.

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