Sunday, December 9, 2007


Dec 9, 2007

9 am
I woke up confused, "what should i do first????"
I haven't left my bed for like an hour thinking....
then suddenly remembered, 11:00 am sharp is our call-time for dance practice!
and the competition is today!!!!
all our hardwork for like two weeks will be judged and be seen for exactly 5 mins and 44 secs
so then i decided to rise, yeah rise, go down and eat breakfast and prepare

10: 30 am
I'm all set
everything was packed
my costume
and my other get up for the party!!!
it's our office's Christmas party (around 9pm), and we are going to party hard!!!
while on my way to the office i sighed....
"this will be a very long day, this should be fun!"

11:30 am
I arrived at the recreational room of our office, obviously late
we did our moves to hip-hop beats
we are ready to kick some ass! hehe
I went up to the production floor to meet up with Ash
we are going to borrow shoes from each other
his hi-cut black converse
my white lacoste sneakers
all bought from..... Greenhills! hehe
after that we smoked and he left
he's going to meet someone at EDSA shrine, yup at a shrine
they are going to hear the mass.... i wonder why.... i hope they are successful, haha

2 pm
the crew went to headed by dan went to the SM North
to buy the finishing touches for our costume
imagine: black cap (should have been a fedora, we couldn't find one that's cheap)
black long sleeves, black pants, white sneakers, white gloves and white necktie! fab!!! haha
anyways we used Diam's debit card to pay for the "loot" we have today! hehe
and of course we'll pay him.... someday
anyways we got what we needed from the department store and left
I, Bjane, and sweethearts Jirah and Dan rode a taxi cab
we headed to my best bud Bjane's apartment along Panay avenue
'the couple' left us there and went I don't know where!
I decided to go back to the office and just stay there and wait till we're ready for metro bar for a runthrough while Bjane went inside to fix herself

4 pm
recreation room lounge!
I, Keisha, Mika, El Nino, Jems, and Manna are present, waiting for 'the couple' and Bjane
except for Diam who is still bargaining for a shirt in Trinoma
we all 'flew' all the way to Metro bar
the facade of the bar is covered with smoke, yeah smoke!!!
but there's no fire just minimal coming from a grill, haha, that's our food for the shindig!
inside, the dancefloor is quite ample for our gala
the place is nice, it has a second floor balcony so you can hangout upstairs
and see whats happening down
as if its a mini theatre

5 pm
we bust a move, but just 50%, hehe, we don't want to show them what we got yet, haha!
we practiced our placings and blockings
we saw the other contenders stuff, and it was like.... yeah... hehe
by the way our stuff is hip hop/ puppet.... something like that
we did two runthroughs with the music
after that we left to freshen up for the party
I went back to our office and got my stuff from the 6th floor baggage counter
and head for the company's shower room
after drying myself I wore my fly outfit for the event competition
I texted Bjane "where the hell are you????"
I waited for beejane for like 20 minutes near Ministop
but hey, Ash came back, from the shrine! haha
he's panting... hahahaha
anyways he left immediately to dress up for the shindig
I, there, left alone, huhu
well my manager appeared
he's going to Metro bar as well but he's with somebody else's company
then I received a text from beejane "i'm in a cab, i'll fetch you"
whatever Bjane! it's been like forever!
anyways i'ts ok, i got to flaunt myself in that 20-minute period
out, with the crowd

8 pm
well, just imagine...
what was really there is the red carpet, hehe
well you can make a grand entrance if you want to
before going inside with Bjane, I smoked with Jayson and Riela (ella, ella, eh, eh, eh)
and posed for a picture or two
inside you have to sign to get your free meal and drinks stub
you get a raffle stub as well
the prizes are good i tell you, HDTV, gaming consoles, trip to Boracay and HK, cool eh?
just an insider, I got my stubs frm my uber crush, ahhh, heaven
anyways, inside there are a lot of people, a lot!!!!
and i'm kind of rubbing elbows with the big names in our office
big crowd! you can tell right away that the shindig is successful
before anything else i had to go with my crew to have a pep talk
and practice some of our moves
we are situated at the back part of the crowd, we have no dressing room
before the party started I looked around to see people that I know
upstairs there I saw Caren, Mama Sasa, Riela and Jayson again
they are already eating their dinner
I'm so hungry that I ate Riela's spaghetti!
at that time everybody's texting me, "are you guys goin' to dance already??"
I went back to the pack and waited.............

11 pm
this is really is it!!! haha
we are programmed to dance as the fifth squad!
soldiers, marching
bullets waiting to be launched
engines running inside us, fuelled to the max
enough of this poetic shit
the showdown started
we waited in anticipation
the thrill and suspense, excitement
all stopped
our turn
our tune started
there we strutted our stuff 101%
I'm in the zone
we are in the zone
nobody can stop us
not even ourselves
my body is moving by itself
I wasn't thinking anything except giving my best
and showing the people how cool our routine is, haha
the tune ended with a bang
massive clapping succeeded our last move
superb, I think, hehe
I can't help but jump for joy
haha, childish!
i know!
but I'm so happy that it's over and done
and I didn't thought about winning but i will not deny the fact that we deserve to win something
if not the 1st, the second or the third
haha, assuming
but we should, if not I will protest!
we deserve some compensation! haha
after all of the hardwork, nothing??
no way!
hehe, just kidding
anyways after that I have to freshen up and change into my gala get up, hehe
so, zoom to the backdoor!
saw Cheech back there, he said the winners are going to be called
so there
we were 2nd place
not bad
woot woot!
thank y'all
God bless the Philippines!
well I had to be there upfront to receive the cash (15k!!!!) with Manna, Keisha, Dan and Jems
where are you guys???
cameras are clicking!!!!
hey, we should be together!
this is our moment!
well I guess they are just around

Dec 10, 2007

12 am
the real party started
Bamboo came and conquered
he sang all his songs while he's still the lead of the band Rivermaya
he really does have a way with the crowd
during that time I was eating my dinner with Justin while chanting the lyrics of 'ulan'
the songs are classic to our ears
it's been like a decade since those songs were played in the radio and sold in record bars
but it seems like it was just yesterday
highschool days
I miss those times
nothing to worry about
wake up early
ask for some money from your parents
go to school, do nothing
study a bit, chit chat
get rascal with your friends and foes
make your teacher's nerves pop!
the day ends without you achieving anything
the two Jaysons, Riela, Mama Sasa, Janna, Pedro, Justin, Lhen, Ash, Bjane, Diam, Caren, Diwa, Toffer, Bryan, Belle, Maesie, Virginia, Halley, Chris, Vivi and I clamoured for more songs from Bamboo but they have to go... huhu
but... but did the REAL party really DID get started???

1:30 am
the dance party begun
all went to the dancefloor
we danced the night away
gyrating to death
Janna is the best!
i tell you guys she has the right moves to heighten up the party!
but I'm her counterpart
I won't be left behind, haha
but no one can kill her spot!
then something glared my eyes
two lights swirling
they are fast green lights
dizzying me
who is doing this?
I approached that silhouette
there I saw my uber crush
gyrating to the same music but a different dance move
I'm attracted to the lights and to that being
I'm near
but it's unwise to get nearer so I detoured
Nina and Terrence popped into my view, i'm back to earth
they were chugging smb
I got to get some too
after sipping, me, Bjane and Ash had to get some some air
outside we thought, "we need more dancing and booze!"
anyways Bjane already kissed us goodbye, she had get home

3 am
there in our own little spot in the balcony
we grooved, we drank, we stole each others spotlight
for every song we had to have a different dance move
we had so much fun that we felt we needed to retire, hehe
we're all tipsy

4 am
the party is until 5 am but Diam wants us to go to nearby diner and chow some 'mami'
something hot
and you thought the party is over???
nope we did our thing there!
nah, just kiddin', we won't embarrass ourselves!
and were tired
but a man almost dug his own grave
imagine him singing sarah geronimo's to love you more, drunk, out of tune, 4am!
the lady server had to close the door encolosing the man and 'the karaoke machine'!
early breakfast is served!
but I didn't liked it, don't know why
it's hot, enough to wake us up
but not as hot as me, hehe
before calling it a day, again we have pause for a while to pose
click click
Halley, Chris, Maesie, Virginia and Riela went on their way home
we're all tired
Diam, Ash and I craved for some coffee from Starbucks
we scouted West avenue but the branch there is already closed
our last resort: Imperial Suites and ABS-CBN
guess what?
all were closed
well Diam just went home

I and ash head back to our office to sleep but there are no beds left
it's as if everybody from the party went there to doze off
we just decided to go home
but before that I went up to the production floor to check up on something
Justin was there, he did have a shift that night but he broke away to the shindig, hehe
we ate at the pantry
by that time most probably ash is snoring in a bus, bwahahaha
I rode a taxi
I'm super tired that i'm almost asleep while along EDSA
fuckin' shit
a shitty thing happened
an extreme bummer
the cab broke down
along edsa near ortigas flyover
infront the porche car shoppe
I paid 80 php and got out of the car
I just want go home and sleep!
I have no choice there's no taxi stand there, no buses
I had to freakin' walk all the way to ortigas avenue
but anyways I got home safely

7:30 am
my mom's there
I didn't have the chance to say anything
my eyes are dropping
I immediately went upstairs
changed my clothes

that's how my long day ended
looking back....... it was fun
what I acheived?
another day spending time with my friends
doing what I like
partying a little, not too much
I'm not a party animal, you know! hehe


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