Monday, January 15, 2007

A Letter To My Dreamlover

jan 2007

My love, I can't wait to come home at night
As I wait in vain, I think of you
Clock's ticking, city lights glimmering
My heart thumps hard as I open the frontdoor

I walk upstairs, wanting to retire for the day
I can't wait to lay myself on my bed
I can't wait to doze off and....

.............dream of you

I can't wait to be with you though it's just a dream
'coz that is the only time you are mine
My dream becomes reality
It feels so real, you and I together
Happy, lingering each others touch

But along came the morning light
I don't want to wake up
You are gone, and I'm alone again on my bed
Left with a vivid memory of you

And the reality that you are is just a dream
And that I must go on for another day without you
But I'll be looking forward for the coming of the dusk
I can't wait, night must come soon for me to be with you.

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