Monday, December 24, 2012

'12 Christmas Wishlist!

Here I am, again, wishing for finer things in life. Gadgets are still among the top of this year's Christmas Wishlist. Last year, I asked for an iPhone 4s, a MacBook Air and a micro-four-third's camera. The 4s came, the wanted cam was replaced by a Canon Kiss and I almost got an HP notebook.

This year, I wanted to bring it up a notch, and explore the world of connectivity and home networks. I'm engrossed with the cool features of these devices and their versatility. Portability, Beauty, Convenience, Eminence and Coolness are the qualities that defines these selected devices which makes up the top five of my Christmas Wishlist! Sounds like I'm going to announce the top five Miss Universe contestants! Anyways here's the list and I'd bet these are on yours as well.

1. MacBook Air - Portability

So long have I been wanting to have a portable computer. Tablet's and smartphone's versatility almost killed this wanting, but one thing that keeps me on eyeing a notebook, that little cursor. I wanna do a lot of things  on a computer while on bed or in a shower. With all these file transfers, picture editing, music sampling, downloading and video presentation making, a powerful device is really needed! It is really convenient that you'll just have close the lid of the MacBook when you want to sleep, and as soon as you wake up, just like a guardian angel that watches over you on your sleep, open the lid and it is already up and running. Thanks to its flash drive technology.

MacBook Air 13-inch 128GB starts at PHP 50,000.

2. Sony BRAVIA HDTV - Beauty

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but an ugly picture seems beautiful as your eyes celebrates the bursting colors of an HDTV. Who could resist not looking at these large monitors as you walk by an appliance center in a mall. I for one stopped in front of a large screen, nothing on the screen playing that would interest me, just a bird, flying. I was mesmerized by the colors of the picture and fluidity of the motion. Can't wait to get my hand on this big and sleek Sony HDTV and watch my 1080p and 720p movies. 

KLV-40EX430-BRAVIA™ HD TV (LED & LCD)-EX430 Series
Sony 40-inch EX430 Series BRAVIA TV starts at PHP 50,000

3. Bose SoundLink Air - Convenience

Wanting to play your music from your iPhone loud, without losing the sound quality? Tired of docking your iPhone and undocking it when you receive a phone call?  Dreamed of exploring the AirPlay technology introduced by Apple? Check, check, check! I do! Bose is Bose, you know you'll get your money's worth because of sound quality and good looks. And the integration of the Airplay technology is just so sweet! I just love it!

Bose Soundlink Air
Bose SoundLink Air starts at PHP 14,400

4. iPhone 5 - Eminence

I only wrote iPhone 5 because there is no iPhone 5s nor a 6 yet. That is what I want, the upgrade of Apple's much talked about smartphone of 2012. Pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S3, I still have no love for big smartphones. A clean, simple and elegant looking smartphone that is recognizable and with high market value  definitely are that qualities that sets iPhones apart from these Androids and Windows phones. Truly, the eminent one.

Apple iPhone 5 16GB starts at PHP 31,000

5. GoFlex Home Storage System - Coolness

Yes, coolness! I should have bought this over my current Western Digital HDD! Back then I was not keen about the networking features of an HDD, I just want an extra space for my growing number of movies, music and TV series downloads. I never thought I could share these media files over Wi-Fi home networks and mobile networks. You won't have to connect your tablet, notebook or a handheld device to your PC to get your media, you can stream it directly from the Seagate's GoFlex Home network storage. Told you it's cool! It's a wireless media sharing hub in your home!

Goflex Home Main
Seagate GoFlex Home Network Storage System 1TB starts at PHP 4,600

There you go, that's a total of PHP 150,000. Not bad right? haha. 

Anyways, satisfaction from these things will never amount to the greater gift that the Lord gave us, life. Let's celebrate this season with a grand cheer, sharing and love! Merry Christmas everybody!

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