Monday, September 1, 2008

Emo Weekend

Nag-depress-depressan ako this weekend. Emo mode ang drama. I sent uber-emo quote and it goes like this...

Why am I always the loser?
Why must I be the one who must hold on to something I can't have?
Why can't I be found by the one who could really love me for who I am?
Why should I always pretend that I'm ok when inside it hurts being alone and at the same time afraid of being with someone who would leave me, broken?
Why do I feel this way when I almost have everything I should be thankful for?
Why can't I sleep at night not thinking what tomorrow holds for me?

Why? Why?

Naka-text ko si Abi. Sabi nya I can't please everybody, that I should not create a likeable personality 'coz it can be dangerous, it'll compromise me. That I need to get out of my shell and straighten out my principles. Sabi ko, "Kaya nga I'm under construction eh!"

Siguro yung feeling ko is a mixture of everything, transition of work from a call center rep for a year to a nurse trainee. Tapos wala pang sweldo (though it's not really a problem since may magulang pa ako, hehe). Three days off tpos walang magawa kundi manood ng Koreanovela DVD's at manghiram ng PSP. Oo nga pla, try looking for the Korean mini series "If in love... like them", medyo tragic, 4 episodes lang kaya hindi masyado nakakatamad panoorin.

Kasi naman eh, tungkol nanaman sa love... hay, nakakahiya...

Kanina nagbasa lang ako ng FHM ng sister ko, yung Ladies Confessions section saka Bar Room Jokes, wala kasi magawa. Later this day Cathlab procedures and duties naman. Back to reality!

I just remembered, si Ely Buendia ay isinugod ulit sa ospital during the Eraserheads reunion. Nakakalungot talaga. Inaaya nga ako ng college friends ko na umatend sa gig na ito eh, sponsored daw ng Marlboro for E-heads fans na smokers. Pero nagkaproblema daw or something kaya sinalo ng isang radio station ang gig. But anyways, second or third hospitalization na yata niya ito eh. From what I know Ely already undergone Angioplasty (arterial stenting due to lumen occlusion, etc.) sa St. Luke's. That's a pretty risky and high-peso procedure. Let's just pray for his speedy recovery. Live long Our Generation's Rock Icon!

If you want to see or hear his sister's words about Ely being rushed to the hospital during the concert, click here:


  1. Philip Morris daw pala dapat and sponsor sabi ng cousin ko, are they from the same makers?

  2. .."Live long Our Generation's Rock Icon!"
    is that supposed to be: Long live?
    or you are just wishing that he will live longer?
    did you assisted in the procedure?
    my imaginations wild again

  3. pareho! haha. sa heart center daw sya eh.