Thursday, September 1, 2011

The One Who Listens (A September Prayer)

I never really thought I belived in God,
but I found myself saying this over and over in my head,
"He won't judge us from what we have, but what we have become for him."
Have I reached a new low?

Frustrations ate me recently,
and it did chew up my confidence and constant shield.
I normally shove these to the side and come out unaffected,
but it did made my gait quiver, but then I let go.

What have I got to do but to move on,
and be the best that I can be.
No pretensions,
though with little apprehensions.

There is a greater being that has held this world before us.
I am not sure if God really looks over us, guiding us.
Though that, I know leaving this world would be meaningless,
if not offering our selves to a greater sense.

With that, I take this prayer,
as a reflection of my acquaintance to myself,
and to God as my re-recognized God and Friend,
when no one else is there to listen.