Sunday, November 2, 2003

The Dancefloor


Hold up, get closer,
I wanna hear you breathe.
Look up, go down,
And dance with me.
Let’s go the dance floor,
Where the party lights dizzy me.
Where shadows gets their groove,
Where we can get it on.

As the mood gets louder,
We suddenly became alone.
I hear the music, but the people are gone.
Are you feelin’ me?
‘Coz I’m feelin’ you.
Havin’ each other in this dance floor,
Is the best, yet.
Now we’re feelin’ it!

Chill out blued the bar.
We found ourselves blanked by time.
Have we had a fugue, blank states?
Everybody’s just chattin’ now, some have left.
Almost mornin’, but doesn’t feel like it.
We could do this forever, but today’s got to end.
I’ll wait ‘till you ask for us to leave,
And hopin’ tomorrow night you’re free.

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